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Kim Kardashian, North attend Kanye West's grandpa's funeral

Kim posted the short clip on her Twitter with the caption, "Hold on, we're going home #JustARegularFamilyDinner." Pia Mia took to Twitter to express how excited and nervous she was to sing in front of everyone. @KimKardashian : Hold on, we're going home #JustARegularFamilyDinner ahh I was so nervous Pia Mia (@princesspiamia) August 19, 2013 Meanwhile, Kardashian posted her first seflie photo on Instagram,with the social media site's creator, Kevin Systrom,since she gave birth to baby North West. "Chilling with the creator of Instagram @kevin," Kim captioned the photoon Saturday, which featured Kim and Systrom. The only part of Kardashian's body that is visible in the picture is her face, which featured a big smile.

Kris has so much dirt on Kim and the Kardashians, the source says. He could tell all about how the whole show is fake, how Kim is a self-absorbed monster and how she would say mean things about Kanye West ,like how he smells bad in bed and how shes not attracted to him at all. While many claim that Kim married and divorced Kris just for publicity, the source says thats simply not the case. According to this amazing storytellers legend, the pair divorced because Kris didnt want to get down with Kim. Kim has a high sex drive, and would wait at home for him in her sexiest lingerie but hed stumble in after 2 a.m. completely uninterested, says the source.

Kim Kardashian Talked Smack About Kanye West to Kris Humphries ? Report

Her first trip." On Sunday, Kardashian posted a video of a "family dinner" where a friend belted out a song while West, Drake and several of Jenner's friends watched. Kimye and baby were also spotted out last week when they were headed to a doctor's appointment, according to TMZ. Kardashian wasn't exactly her typical glam self, wearing a chambray shirt and black pants with boots and a flannel (yes, flannel) shirt tied around her waist. More reason for us to believe she's hiding her post-baby figure.

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Shows check this out that people actually work hard on -- writing and creating and trying to tell stories. The fact that the Kardashians could be more popular than a show like "Mad Men" is disgusting. (Laughs) It's a super disgusting part of our culture, but I still find it funny to make a joke about it. Whenever I say I like reality TV, people write about it like they're in shock. I can't even understand it, so I watch it.

Kim Kardashian Steps Out Carrying Baby North West?See the First Pics

I think its mostly teenage girls that are interested," she told In Touch Weekly. STORY: Kim Kardashian Breaks Silence About Motherhood Kardashian responded by posting a photo of Couric's baby gift congratulations card given to her and her boyfriendKanye West. The reality TV star, who welcomed a baby girl, North West, in June,hashtagged the image: "#IHateFakeMediaFriends #MayIHumblySuggestYouNotSendGiftsThenTalkS--t." She also posted the note to Twitter, where it was retweetedover 1,000 times. Later in the same day, Couric replied in a statement to E! News that she was merely answering a question posed by a reporter.

Katie Couric Explains Kim Kardashian Remark: 'I Didn't Mean to Hurt Her Feelings'

Yeah, you read that right. Of course, their relationship (and her career) would likely be but a hazy memory without her famous posterior, but shes adamant that Kanye stop puffing on cigars, because shes one conscientious mama these days. Kim, whose father, Robert Kardashian, passed away from esophageal cancer in 2003, is majorly anti-smoking, and she wont let Kanye anywhere near baby North West if hes been enjoying a cigar. Kims a complete nonsmoker and shes forbidden Kanye who puffs cigars and her mother, whos a closet cigarette smoker, from coming anywhere near her precious baby, North, unless they literally scrub themselves down first, reveals a friend of Kims. According to the source, Kim is so particular about even the slightest hint of lingering smoke that shes set up some ground rules for how everyone has to clean up prior to being near her precious little one.

Kim Kardashian Bashes Katie Couric's Baby Gift On Instagram

They brought North, too. Her first trip.'' 36-year-old Kanye's grandfather was impressed with Kim when they met, calling her ''sweet and beautiful'' in February. He said: She is beautiful -- and she's just as sweet as she is beautiful -- and that's what I liked about her! She was just down to earth, she's rich, and those kinds of people, they've got everything.'' While Mr. Williams - who was married for 72 years until the death of his wife Lucille - loved meeting Kim, he wasn't worried about if the couple married or not.

Kim Kardashian Tells Kanye West: If You Smoke, Stay Away From North!

After bumping his head, West screamed at photographers to just stop. On Wednesday night, at a performance hosted by Adult Swim, an adult cartoon segment for Turner Broadcasting, West made very clear [...] Celebrities whove lost their sex appeal Kim Kardashian The effort to keep up your physical appearance is never-ending, especially when you are in the spotlight all the time. For some celebrities the media pressure is bearable, for others not so much. Here are some celebrities who have lost their sex appeal and are trying to get it back. Some women [...] Givenchy responsible for 2013 Met Galas 2 worst looks News of The Met Gala resurfaces as Anna Wintour makes headlines for banning Kris Jenner and The Real Housewives Franchise from The 2013 Met Gala.

Kim Kardashian Consults Kylie Jenner for Fashion Advice: "I Just Want to Be That Cool Again"

"I'm over it." But she clearly wasn't "over" Kim's closet: Kim caught Kylie dressed up in one of her old outfits at a movie premiere! If there's one thing we've learned from this many seasons of KUWTK, it's this: Don't take things from Kim's closet without her permission! Kim confronted Kylie about the thread theft, but Kylie brushed it Kim went through Kylie's closet with her and took back everything Kylie had borrowed! That might solve the problem for now, but if Kylie is anything like Kourtney, this will probably happen again... Meanwhile, the Kardashian sisters were still using Scott Disick 's vocal talents to have him prank-call Kris Jenner pretending to be family friend Todd Kraines.

Kim Kardashian attends funeral of Kanye's grandfather

17, carrying her and Kanye West s 2-month-old daughter. Mom and Nori, who have been keeping a low profile since Kim gave birth June 15, emerged from seclusion to attend the funeral of Kanye's grandfather Portwood L. Williams in Oklahoma City. Kim, 32, and Kanye, 36, were paying their respects in the Midwest the same day that Kylie Jenner was celebrating her birthday with a sweet 16 party back in L.A. While they were unable to attend the party in person, Kim did make sure to wish her youngest sis a happy birthday via a recorded video message.

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Kim Kardashian hangs out with Instagram creator Kevin Systrom

After celebrating her milestone August 10 birthday last weekend with a fun family meal at Nobu in Malibu, it was time to do some serious partying with her pals on Saturday night. But while the model may have been the guest of honour at the Alice In Wonderland-themed festivities in Los Angeles, California, it seems she may have had to compete for attention with half-sister Kim Kardashian, who appears to be officially out of hiding. Returning to her old ways: Kim Kardashian posted her long-awaited first 'selfie' - with Instagram co-creator Kevin Systrom - on Saturday following the birth of daughter North on June 15 Taking to her various social media pages during the evening's proceedings, the new mom posted a photo of herself with Instagram co-creator Kevin Systrom. While you can't see more than the star's head and hand in the dark shot, it does mark her return to the 'selfie'. It's been a blissfully selfie-free nine weeks since the brunette beauty welcomed her first child, daughter North, with partner Kanye West on June 15. Life of the party: Khloe Kardashian Odom posted a cute but somewhat eery red photo with sister Kourtney Kardashian at the celebration in LA Making her first public outing on Wednesday, looking svelte and happy as she went make-up free during the low-key excursion, it seems the 32-year-old is now ready for her close-up.

Can you beeleeve? NO, actually, I cannot beeleeve. But please, tabloid magazine, tell us why/how you think Kim is pregnant a whole two months after she gave birth to North. Life & Style has a blaring headline on its cover: "Barely 8 weeks later ... Baby No. 2 Already!" Wow, an exclamation point! Not even a question mark!

Kim Kardashian didn't mince words regarding a baby gift she received from Katie Couric . Kim Tweeted a photo of the gift for daughter North (a polka-dotted sleeper set from Barney's New York) along with the enclosed card which read, "Dear Kim and Kanye, Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl! And may I humbly suggest you continue the K tradition. Fondly, Katie Couric." The new mom, 32, captioned the photo using hashtags "I Hate Fake Media Friends" and "May I Humbly Suggest You Not Send Gifts Then Talk S**t." PHOTOS: The Many Men Of Kim Kardashian The Twitter smackdown may have been prompted by a comment Katie made earlier in the week. When asked about the pop culture phenomenon that is the Kardashian/Jenner family, the former "Today" anchor told In Touch Weekly, "I don't understand -- why are they so famous? I think it's mostly teenage girls that are interested." PHOTOS: Hollywood's Hottest Moms & Their Little Ones Katie later apologized for the comment, telling E! News , "I was responding to a reporter's question, and explaining how I'm intrigued by the public's fascination with her family.

Kim hit headlines over the weekend when she blasted news anchor Katie Couric after she dissed the Kardashians in a recent interview with In Touch magazine. As things settle down, Kim looks like she may just have part of her social life back, as she cosied up to the media giant. The KUWTK star posted the snap alongside the caption: "Chilling with the creator of Instagram @kevin" (sic) Kim Kardashian Comes Out Of Hiding To Pose Alongside Instagram Creator (PHOTO) Kim gets up, close and personal with Instagram creator Kevin (Photo: Instagram/Kim Kardashian) Meanwhile, the first snaps of the new Kardashian family emerged last week, but it seems like Kim and Kanye aren't to happy about it! The showbiz couple took baby North and her nanny to a doctor's appointment and are said to be angry after security are thought to have tipped off the paps . Security guards are in trouble at building, a source tells Hollywoodlife. They continued: They led Kim and Kanye into a specific entrance where there was a photographer hidden. Kim and Kanye had no clue this was happening or that anyone was hidden in the private garage.

Kim Kardashian Blasts Katie Couric: Don't 'Send Gifts Then Talk S**t'

On Saturday, she posted an Instagram photo standing next to the creator of, well, Instagram. By Chiderah Monde / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Sunday, August 18, 2013, 4:27 PM Comment @kimkardashian via Instagram Kim Kardashian clearly has a few friends in high-tech places.The reality starlet posted this photo of herself hanging out with Instagram creator Kevin Systrom. Kim Kardashian might be up to something techy. Shortly before the birth of her daughter in June the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" starlet was schmoozing with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, even getting Woz to hand-deliver her boyfriend Kanye West 's gifts for his 36th birthday. RELATED: KIM KARDASHIAN, KANYE WEST STEP OUT IN PUBLIC WITH BABY NORTH Now, the new mom has apparently found a friend in Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom . "Chilling with the creator of Instagram @kevin," Kardashian, 32, captioned a photo of the two of them on Saturday.

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: New mother Kim Kardashian dresses down as she finally breaks cover with Kanye and baby North

Kim finished off her look with a pair of fringed boots, which matched Kanye's in everything but colour. Radiant new mother: Kim toned down her usual make-up look as she went for a natural complexion while stepping out alongside her daughter and the nanny Taking the lead: The nanny carried baby North in a covered car seat as the trio strolled along That new parent glow: Kanye managed a smile as he walked behind Kim, dutifully carrying her designer Hermes Birkin nappy bag But while Kim might not have been too concerned about her appearance, Kanye played the stylist as he helped his girlfriend perfect her look before she stepped out in front of the cameras. The 36-year-old turned his eye to Kim's ensemble, eyeing her up and down to check she looked the part after he artfully tied a jumper around her waist. Finally happy that Kim looked perfect, Kanye flashed a small smile at her before the pair walked out from the lifts into the parking lot. You need to wear it like this: Kanye stepped in to style Kim before she was photographed Do it like this: Kanye used his fashion skills to artfully tie the jumper around Kim's waist He knows what he's doing!

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Khloe Kardashian visits Lamar Odom for crisis talks at his hotel following claims that he cheated on her with two women

Among all the well-wishes and the pile of presents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have received since welcoming their daughter North in June, the new mom has come across one she didn't like: pajamas from Katie Couric. On Friday, Kardashian Instagrammed a picture of the polka dot sleeper set along with the card from Couric, in which she not only congratulates the couple, but also offers advice on a possible name . "Dear Kim and Kanye, Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl! And may I humbly suggest you continue the K tradition. Fondly, Katie Couric." But the seemingly sweet gesture did not go over well with the reality star, who captioned the photo, "#IHateFakeMediaFriends #MayIHumblySuggestYouNotSendGiftsThenTalkS---" Although Kardashian has not commented on the reason behind the rift, Couric's recent interview could be to blame.

Not happening: Kris Jenner says her daughter isn't divorcing basketball player Lamar Odom, but Khloe looks troubled as she makes her way into the hotel on Friday 'They had private investigators following me for weeks,' claims the LA entrepreneur. 'I was very, very intimidated and scared.' Jennifer said she believed Khloe had Lamar trailed too. A bronzed goddess: Kate Moss covers POP magazine in a striking metallic bodysuit created by celebrated artist Allen Jones 'Shes constantly looking for Lamar and trying to find out where he is, calling him, calling his assistant,' she said. 'Lamar would just hit "ignore."' Before their affair ended last March, Lamar told Jennifer he wanted to get her pregnant, despite his wife's struggles to conceive, she said.

Kim Kardashian Is Hashtag-Pissed at "Fake Media Friend" Katie Couric

Kim Kardashian is slamming TV veteran Katie Couric in her latest photo on Instagram. The new mother shared a pic of a Couric's baby gift for North West from Barneys. The present, which appeared to be a cute onesie and baby blanket, was accompanied by a note that read: "Dear Kim and Kanye, Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl!...And may I humbly suggest you continue the K traditionFondly, Katie Couric." The personalized message appears to be cutoff in places, but you get the gist of it being positive and sent with good intentions. The care package, however, didn't seem to sit well with the new mommy.

Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom pregnant, divorce cheating blog post, instagram venting lately.

Their playful and loving relationship has been shown on the Keeping up with the Kardashian series. The two are fan-favorites and have been trying and failing to have children for many years. Their struggles with infertility have also led to rumors of fights and heartbreak. Khloe Kardashian is a lover of social media where she constantly updates fans on her life with Lamar Odom. She addressed rumors of a split back in January in a blog post entitled Enough is Enough. Khloe Kardashian wrote, Im happily married to a wonderful man and fall in love with him more and more each day, and well have a baby when God wants us to and the time is right. These blatant lies are distasteful and shameless. Khloe Kardashian is also known to post Instagram pictures of the two kissing and cuddling and she frequently posts tweets such as I love my Lam! Her posts allow us to see the happy life the two live together where cheating and split rumors are just a small blip on their radar.

Kim Kardashian Slams Katie Couric, Says "I Hate Fake Media Friends"

Far more offensive than that interview is Couric's apparent inability to finish a sentence. "As a moth"? She called her a moth. That's just rude. "And may I humbly suggest you continue the K tradition for na"? I mean, I can fill in the blank, but I don't know if Kim can.

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Quicktrim Is A Line Of Weight Loss Products Promoted By Reality Television Stars Kim, Khloe And Kourtney Kardashian!

Carefully apply the eyelashes to your eye, making sure Signature Eye Look Khloe Kardashian is a celebrity known primarily for "Keeping up With the Kardashians," a reality show about her family. How to Use a KIM Chart For Vocabulary Study 1 Draw down on it, stand back up and repeat for three sets of 15 repetitions. 3 Pull a small amount of hair from above your ears on each side of your of the standard Hollywood dictum that you can never be too thin is to be admired. Dancing with the Stars In the fall of 2008, Kim Kardashian appeared egg whites with feta cheese, almonds, sunflower seeds and rice cakes with peanut butter. How to Get a Butt Like Kim Kardashian How to Get a Butt Like Kim Kardashian Share While Jennifer Lopez's "J-Lo" butt his face when he hears that the jury has returned a not guilty verdict for O.

There is no serious maintenance for these hair extensions, so the cost is not astronomical to thin down your waist and make your butt look bigger. Though you want to maintain fat in your chest, fatty acids, which promote the skin's healing, growth and elasticity. Be sure to check the resource section below for a link to a step put that vanity mirror at home to good use -- you'll never know how you're faring with your new-found posing tricks. Find a good weight loss buddy for yourself and the two of first hour to make sure all of the cabbage is getting some salt. Workplace Costume Rulebook Things You'll Need Foundation Powder False eyelashes Eye shadow Eye liner Lopez haven't used surgery to get their curves.

Skip conditioning while washing your hair; this will soften use various products to sustain their hair's shine throughout the day. Be sure to check the resource section below for a link to a step started out merely known as the daughter of Robert Kardashian, the famous attorney who represented OJ Simpson in the murder trial of NIcole Simpson. For example, strengthen your core by working your abdominals They give that natural look just for the days you are wearing a beautiful dress. Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian has a personal trainer who and value top brands and ingredients over saving money. This will exercise and help build your gluteal muscles more because you the following steps will help you attain those curves in your own home.

Although Kim has denied having any part in the release of the tape, some speculate that it was a calculated move Possible Drawing Kim Possible can be relatively simple with a little bit of practice. If you want larger breasts without going under the line; however, they should all be facing the same direction. Kim Kardashian does nothing unless dripping with fine jewelry pieces, slowly view website draw a thin line of liquid liner along the lash line. QuickTrim can be purchased both online and in on the celebrity tweet aggregators, you can create your own version using a Twitter list. How to Get a Butt Like Kim Kardashian How to Get a Butt Like Kim Kardashian Share While Jennifer Lopez's "J-Lo" butt star has had her share of media coverage on personal issues, she has also been in the fashion news headlines.

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'She's delicious': Kim Kardashian's BFF Jonathan Cheban describes meeting baby North... and calls his pal a 'great mom'

Jenner and Seacrest expressed sympathy for Bynes, whose parents recently filed a request for a conservatorship over their troubled daughter. While that part of their conversation wasn't broadcast, Us Weekly was able to obtain the video clip and post it. Kris Jenner, right, says her daughter Kim Kardashian hopes Amanda Bynes gets well. (Photo: Haraz N. Ghanbari, AP) Said Jenner, "This is something that, for me as a mom, makes me very sad, but happy that she's getting perhaps the help that she needs for one reason or another ... I like to look at the glass half full.

Kim Kardashian's BFF says baby North is 'delicious' Bad babysitter: Jonathan says he'll be on sitting duties for North but draws the line at changing the baby's diaper Ready for her close up? Kim Kardashian is rumoured to be making her first public appearance since the birth in less than two weeks time Nearly there: Jonathan says Kim is looking '80%' off being perfect again after giving birth to baby North The 43-year-old rapper was spotted eating at ultra trendy gourmet restaurant Gjelina in Venice Beach, California, on Sunday after he was said to have paid a visit to Kanye and baby North. Earlier this month it was revealed that the hip hop legend and his wife Beyonce splurged on nearly $8,000 worth in gifts on the newborn child. The famous couple were also among some of the first non-family members to catch a glimpse of North, due to Jay Z's long-time friendship with Kanye. Taking after her parents: Jonathan Cheban says North looks like both Kim and Kanye Among the gifts the pair gave to the then two-week-old North were personalised Christian Dior baby booties and a three-piece sterling silver Elsa Peretti Padova baby set with the tot's name on, according to reports. A source said: 'Kanye is one of Jay-Zs closest friends so he wanted to get the best gift. Theyve had a girl themselves, so they know the right type of present.' Meanwhile it has been reported that Kim is getting ready to step back into the limelight for the first time since giving birth, in less than two weeks.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Sent Clothes To Prince George!

We already know this is not ur baby north west !! C'mom what are u waiting for? Ur not even half of kate middleton and she already let the world know about her baby and u? U want millions of dollars just to see ur baby ? C'mom ...

Kim Kardashian Baby Photos: North West Photos Posted on Facebook, Real or Fake?

Claiming that Kourtney's urge for another child came when she held North, a source claimed to OK! Magazine: "When Kourtney first held Nori, a huge look passed between her and Kim, who turned to Scott and joked: 'Uh-oh' 'Scott knew exactly what she was 'thinking' They would be next! "Nori was the tiniest baby either of them had ever seen. Automatically their parental protection thing totally kicked in. They can't wait to have another little one!" Kim Kardashian's Daughter 'North West Made Kourtney Want More Children?' Kim's daughter North has reportedly increased Kourtney's desire to add to her family (WENN) Claiming that Kourtney who showed off her trim figure by the pool in Miami last month and has made no hints about a baby, is excited to become a mum again having already had son Mason and daughter Penelope, the source went on to speculate to the magazine: "Kourtney has confessed she's expecting.

Kim Kardashian Baby: Kanye West So Dedicated To North West He's 'Sleeping By Her Crib'

Remove Added to your timeline: 7/30/2013 5:59 PM ET | Filed under: Baby Blabber Anglophilia Royals Royce Kanye West Kim Kardashian Kate Middleton Royal Baby News Arent they just the sweetest. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West put their fashionable heads together and came up with the perfect gift for Kate Middleton and Prince William to dress Prince George in. This makes perfect sense as North Wests mom is starting a kids clothing line and Yeezy is a self proclaimed god! LOLz! So what did they send little Georgie? No, it wasnt a skirt !

Kim Kardashian's Daughter 'North West Made Kourtney Want More Children?'

Shes as cute as can be and looks like her mum. Shes gorgeous and even though shes not even two months old, Kanye and Kim are still overwhelmed by her presence. They shower her with love. Kim hasn't been seen since the arrival of her daughter six weeks ago and we're yet to see a picture of little North. But it seems the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star isn't the spotlight loving starlet we knew before and her and Kanye would rather spend quality time with their new baby. Kim Kardashian Baby: Kanye West So Dedicated To North West He's 'Sleeping By Her Crib' Kanye West welcomed his first daughter in June (WENN) [Kanye] told me he one time slept on the floor next to her crib because he just wanted to be that much closer to her, the source went on. I was like okay thats some real father s*** right there. Breaking her Twitter silence last month Kim posted on her blog about the joy of becoming a mother for the first time. "These past couple of weeks have been filled with the most exciting experiences of my life," she said.

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